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It's all about
the customer

A year ago a station would be busy with 2000 people in it but now people are worried when there are 200!

It’s time we give customers the confidence to get back on the network.

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Let's make

For the most part, though, daily travel is routine and repetitive: a process best described as habitual.


Trusted by thousands of Londoners

Some things are better together. At Kieka we are fascinated about giving the customer the best experience through the power of data.

All new
smart widgets

With the release of iOS 14 we have create new widget to show how congested stations are so you can easily give your customers the best experience on your network. No hidden surprises!Check out our app

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What makes
Kieka one of a kind?

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Kieka focuses on the customer

The upside to this is that the core of our business is the customer! We obsess over them and we are striving to give them the best experience possible.

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Use existing data and hardware

Kieka is easy to implement and can leverage existing data to visualise passenger flows on your network

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Greater visability of passenger flow

With better visability of how people move around your network we can help you build a more proactive strategy which is extremely important in todays climate.

What can Kieka help with?

We want to create a one of kind platform that benefits both Londoners and transport agencies. We see a huge benefit in being transparent with data, and we think overcrowding should be a thing of the past.